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About Olympic Peninsula Steam

Olympic Peninsula Steam (just call us "OPS") is a consortium of people and organizations dedicated to discovering the history of the Olympic Peninsula with its rich culture and community. Our members and organizers range from scholars to historical re-enactors to artists and writers who use history as a point of embarkation for far stranger voyages.

Our mission: To serve as stewards for the unique 19th Century history preserved on the Olympic Peninsula by educating our community and inspiring an appreciation of its cultural heritage in visitors and residents alike.

The core goals of OPS are to build a sense of community spanning generations with a sense of fun that spans the centuries. The peninsula has always drawn free spirits and encouraged adventurers. From its inception with the Brass Screw Confederacy in 2011, OPS sought to bring together the traditionalists of the Victorian Society and the vibrant energy of Jefferson County's Young Professionals' Network. The result was a place where young and old could raise a glass and dance into the night in in an ambiance both aesthetic amnd entertaining.

And what is Olympic Peninsula Steam, anyhow?

Olympic Peninsula Steam was founded to educate about the amazing history of our region. That history is a rich component of life here. If offers a unique opportunity to celebrate, learn and grow. Olympic Peninsula Steam sponsors a series of events through the year.

Olympic Peninsula Steam provides educational programming and community events throughout the year. Our primary events include:

Victorian Festival - Come celebrate Port Townsend's extraordinarily preserved Victorian homes and buildings, enjoy lectures and our exhibition hall, then dance the night away at our Victorian Ball. (www.VictorianFestival.org)

The Brass Screw Confederacy: A Steampunk Hootenanny - A 3-day adventure for young and old celebrating the history or future that almost was. (www.brassscrew.org)

Victorian Yuletide Festival - a Victorian-style parlor to put in a good word with Father Christmas. Savor tasty snacks and help deck the halls performers sing, play and recite all your holiday favorites. December.






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